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Notice to all:   The Pie Cart will possibility return sometime in 2015 - Location unknown   o

I am receiving a lot of emails, however, with new changes with the City of Adelaide Council it is not possible and also now with finances a factor and the revamping of a new pie cart is also delaying the return.  Sorry for any inconveniences - please be patient.  Once it does return,  it will need all the support it can get to survive due to really really bad weather during the 2 years after its return in 2009.  Thank you again. 

I promise the wait with be worth it.   Fingers Crossed dated 2nd August 2014


To help me raise money for new cart and equipment etc. I have decided to place advertising on my website.

Home Page:  $ 2,200 for 24 months
Contact Page OR Trading Hours Page OR Gallery Page:  $ 550 each page  for
24 months

Only 1 advertiser per page will be allowed.

All advertising materials, eg artwork - banner and wording to be supplied at your cost and only once I approve it to be allowed on this website.  




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