Operating since 1860's - The original home of our famous and now South Australian's icon, the Pie Floater             
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Our Menu:    

Pies Soup
Pie Floater Pea Mushy Soup  (original recipe)
Beef Pie
Beef Curry Pie Pasties
Camel Pie   (limited times when available) Regular Pasty
Chicken and Vegetable Pie Cheese and Bacon Pasty  (limited times when available)
Chilli Steak Pie Cornish Pasty
Egg, Bacon and Tomato Pie Vegetarian Pasty
Lamb Pie (limited times when available)
Ned Kelly Pie Sausage Rolls
Pepper Steak Pie Regular Sausage Roll
Pizza Pie
Roo Steak Pie   (limited times when available)
Steak and Kidney Pie Pastry Triangles
Steak and Mushroom Pie Spinach and Fetta Triangle
Steak, Bacon, and Cheese Pie
Steak, Bacon, Potato, and Cheese Pie
Steak, Onion, and Tomato Pie Kransky
Tuna and Vegetable Pie  (limited times when available) Cheese Kransky  (limited times when available)
Cheese and Chilli Kransky  (limited times when available)
Sauces etc
American Mustard,  BBQ,  Dion Mustard, HP Sauce, Mint,  Peppered Sauce, Soy Sauce,  Sweet Chilli,  Tomato, Worcestershire,  Worcestershire Steak,  Vinegar etc
Hot Drinks Cakes
Cappuccino  Doughnuts Chocolate
Espresso - Short Black Jam Berliner
Hot Chocolate Custard Berliner
Latte Buns Kitchener Bun
Tea Slices Cherry Ripe
Jam Coconut (limited times when available)
Cold Drinks Vanilla Slice
Farmers Union - Iced Coffee  600 ml Tarts Custard Tart
Farmers Union - Iced Coffee  375 ml Squares Chester Square
Feel Good Coffee  600 ml Apple Square
Classic Chocolate  600 ml and 375 ml Apricot Square
Classic Strawberry  600 ml
Classic Banana 600 ml Other Hot Foods
Soft Drinks - various flavours Chips
Water - Bottle  600 ml Hot Chicken Roll  (limited times when available)
Hot Dogs

more to come .........


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