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 Old Tram Pole converted to become the power box for the GPO Franklin Street Pie Cart


Adelaide City Council - City Archives have the following items in their files for the "Pie Cart"  most of the paperwork are copies and only a couple of newspaper articles are originals.  To save your time and going into the City Archives Office, you can download the following paperwork here in PDF:  (files open in new window)


Pie Carts Information - Not Dated

*  Pie Cart - Adelaide Railway Station - Brief History - Not Dated

*  Acting Town Clerk - Letter Dated 20th January 1939

*  Licensed Coffee and Refreshment Stalls - Register 1886 to 1888

*  1939 - Coffee Stall Stand List

*  Gordon W. Gibbs - Agreement - Dated 18th December 1937


Members of the public requesting information on Pie Carts etc

*  Letter Dated 19th December 1980

*  Letter Dated 17 February 1999 

*  Pie Carts - Cafe Des Kerbs written by Margaret Phillips - Not Dated etc

*  Newspaper Clipping - Dated 16th September 1982

*  Newspaper Article - Dated 28th July 2014 - Boomer Section of The Advertiser




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