Founded in 1836 - with a rich history - thanks to Colonel William Light and the many that followed.           
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Timeline of Adelaide's History:  20 Hundreds

**  As the creator of this website I have actually added personal notes next to some of these history events.  I am sorry if they offend anyone but I just wanted to state my view point, nothing more or less. **


Early 2000s 

2000:  All Government bus operations handed to private operators, buses and infrastructure still Government owned. (My Personal note:  a silly decision but never less that is normal.) Heysen Tunnels in Adelaide Hills are opened. 

2001:  Construction of the Alice Springs - Darwin railway track starts.   The National Wine Centre of Australia opens in the East Parklands.  (My Personal note:  hmmmm a waste of effort and money and historic area.)

2002:  Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visited Adelaide.  First low floor bus entered service on the 0-Bahn Busway.

2003:  The transcontinental railway line from Adelaide to Darwin is completed.

2004:  Port Adelaide Football Club wins the AFL Grand Final.  Trains travel from Adelaide to Darwin for the first time.

2005:  Adelaide Airport's new T1 Terminal is opened.  (My Personal note:  Whoever designed this Airport, has never used an airport.  Poorly designed and didn't think of the future and it being used heavily.  I think it was designed mainly around the cafes, shops etc to make money from them and not the public and conveniences to users of the airport. Poorly designed Hire Car area, Parking, Taxi Service, Public Pick ups and drops off areas.  Just no forward thinking in my eyes.  So what if it was better than the old Airport but at least I could get out of the old airport within 5 minutes getting off a plane now it takes forever. I rather walk on the tarmac than go in those silly tunnels.)   Port River Expressway opened.

2007:  World Police and Fire Games held in Adelaide.  (My Personal note:  was a volunteer, hmmm, could have been planned a little better and made everyones' life more easier during this time.)  Adelaide - Glenelg tram service extended to North Terrace (City West Campus).  (My Personal note: publics response was spot on, waste of money and caused a lot of traffic and other problems for this beautiful city.)

2008:  Record breaking heat wave set in March.  RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 visits Adelaide for the last time.  Electrification of suburban rail network announced.

2009:  Lance Armstrong rides in the Tour Down Under.

2004 image of the Tour Down Under 


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